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This Year, die Bayerische Launches the Fourth Line of Its Modern Multi-Line System Together with Novum-RGI


Nuremberg, 09 November 2021


Following the successful launch of the home contents, residential building, and liability lines of business at the Bayerische insurance group, the casualty line, has gone into production as the fourth main line this year already

This means that only the automotive line of business, which is already being worked on at full speed, is still missing for the completion of the new, modern portfolio management system for the administration of composite contracts (SHUK). The speed of the joint rollout under the project name "Elementar" facing difficult conditions of the Corona pandemic is particularly impressive. For almost two years, the joint team has been working exclusively remotely, sticking to the planned schedule and budget nonetheless

"It cannot be overestimated what the team together with our partner Novum-RGI achieves in these challenging times. In a really short time, we have gained a modern inventory management system that not only saves us a third of the processing time, but also enables us to fulfill our customers' wishes almost in real time," Martin Gräfer, CEO of die Bayerische, is enthusiastic.

Since 2018, die Bayerische has been undergoing a transformation process. The goal is not only to renew the complete policy management system by the end of 2021, but also to develop it into a modern innovation platform that is open to third parties as well. The basis for this is V'ger, the high-performance standard software solution for insurers from Novum-RGI, which includes modern solutions for all insurance sectors and covers all insurance-related core systems. Thanks to the technologically and professionally holistic approach, with V’ger, all sectors can be operated on a single standard platform.

Interested insurers can experience the modern policy management system Elementar live at the trade fair congress in Leipzig on November 23 and 24 in the context of an expert presentation by die Bayerische at the Novum-RGI trade fair stand.

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Mark Johanni


Nordostpark 51

D-90411 Nuremberg

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