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Versicherungsforen Leipzig: Get to know UNIQA’s new, modern digital sales platform and the inventory management system Elementar of die Bayerische


Nuremberg, 18 November 2020

UNIQA, one of the market-leading Austrian insurance companies, will again present its new digital sales platform (DSP) based on modern cloud solutions by Novum-RGI at the "IT for Insurance" congress on November 24 and 25.


The congress by the Versicherungsforen represents the central event for the insurance industry in Germany. As a marketplace for both IT managers of insurance companies and IT service providers with a focus on IT-specific topics in the insurance industry, current developments, trends, and projects in the industry are presented and discussed. Due to the corona pandemic, the congress will take place exclusively online this year with about 220 participants.


In their joint presentation "Development of strategic business models in the cloud using the example of the UNIQA Digital Sales Platform" on November 24 at 4:15 p.m., Tim Farcher (Product Owner Digital Sales Platform, UNIQA) will illustrate why digitization is not a choice, but indispensable for successful future business models. He will present UNIQA's new DSP and explain why UNIQA has selected the cloud solutions of Novum-RGI specifically.

What are the requirements for developing strategic business models in the cloud? Achim Heidebrecht (CTO of Novum-RGI) will answer this question emphasizing the role of regulation and compliance requirements for the insurance industry.

Please also be our guest during the technical lecture of Die Bayerische on November 24 at 11:30 a.m. in room "FACHFORUM Zukunft der Versicherung I" and learn more about the inventory management system "Elementar," which is currently transformed into a modern innovation platform on the basis of V'ger P&C - the standard software solution for the demanding P&C and vehicle insurance business. Carsten Tobien (Head of Composite Services, die Bayerische) and Armin Hangl (Project Manager "Elementar," die Bayerische) will talk about the current status of the joint project in their presentation "Making the future EASY together - Love IT, Change IT, and just do IT."

Both days, trade visitors can experience the unique
Novum Cloud Platform, the standard software solution V’ger, Aestimo, the new, smart SaaS solution for the virtual assessment of motor vehicle and property claims, as well as our new Cloud service UNISMART, which facilitates signing and storing contracts and documents legally compliant regardless of location. We look forward to interesting discussions about digitization and cloud computing in the insurance industry. If you are unable to attend, you are of course welcome to contact us anytime for further information or to request an appointment for the presentation.

To learn more about the online event, check out the conference website.

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