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Current press releases and news around Novum-RGI

As a manufacturer of software solutions for the insurance industry, we regularly provide information about current topics and press reports from our company, about events and the market for insurance IT.

All press releases and news published on our site are released for reprint. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and the provision of images.

22 November 2023 (PRESS RELEASE)

Novum-RGI is selected as Itzehoer Versicherungen's transformation partner for the complete replacement of the actuarial systems


15 November 2023 (NEWS)

In cooperation with VOLKSWOHL BUND, Novum-RGI presents the modernization strategy of the Dortmund-based insurer at the trade fair congress in Leipzig, using the composite system as an example


03 August 2023 (PRESS RELEASE)

VOLKSWOHL BUND modernizes its property insurance business and replaces its legacy systems with V'ger P&C from Novum-RGI


27 June 2023 (PRESS RELEASE)

Würzburger Versicherungs-AG relies in the future for its entire insurance business on IT solutions provided by Novum-RGI


16 May 2023 (NEWS)

Embedded Insurance in the Cloud: Novum-RGI together with UNIQA at the 6th specialist conference "Cloud deployment in insurance companies" in Leipzig


10 May 2023 (PRESS RELEASE)

Novum-RGI expands partnership with UNIQA for launch into a new digital age in the insurance sector in Central and Eastern Europe


08 November 2022 (NEWS)

Novum-RGI at InnoVario and the Trade Fair Congress: SaaS in the Cloud and future-oriented Inventory Systems as the basis for sustainable IT Strategies in the Insurance Industry


19 Oktober 2022 (PRESS RELEASE)

Successful project completion – Novum-RGI introduces the policy management system V'ger at the insurance group "die Bayerische"


02 September 2022 (PRESS RELEASE)

RGI announces Federico Della Casa as its new CEO and Massimo Paltrinieri as new Chief Customer Officer of the Group


25 May 2022 (NEWS)

Modern SaaS Solutions support Sustainable IT Strategies of insurers: Novum-RGI and Ostangler at the 5th Expert Conference "Cloud deployment in Insurance Companies"

11 March 2022 (PRESS RELEASE)

CVC Capital Partners Fund VIII to acquire RGI from Corsair


16 February 2022 (NEWS)

Novum-RGI continues to drive the development of standardized SaaS solutions for the international insurance market in 2022


16 November 2021 (PRESS RELEASE)

New Management, New Direction: Novum-RGI Presents New SaaS Strategy at Trade Fair in Leipzig


09 November 2021 (PRESS RELEASE)

This Year, die Bayerische Launches the Fourth Line of Its Modern Multi-Line System Together with Novum-RGI


13 October 2021 (NEWS)

Agility in the Conflict between Cloud and Compliance: UNIQA's Digital Sales Platform as a Best Practice Example


06 October 2021 (PRESS RELEASE)

RGI announces new appointment in the organisation to accelerate the cloud transition of the European Insurance market


01 September 2021 (PRESS RELEASE)

Kai-Uwe Reiter appointed as new Country CEO of Novum-RGI


28 July 2021 (NEWS)

Bayerische's New Policy Management System: With the Liability Line, Novum-RGI Has Successfully Implemented the Third Major Insurance Line Already This Year

31 May 2021 (NEWS)

The UNIQA Digital Sales Platform - An Agile, Cloud-Based Business Operating Model at the 4th "Cloud Use in Insurance Companies" Conference


18 May 2021 (PRESS RELEASE)

RGI and AWS enter strategic partnership to support the digital transformation of insurance in EMEA


14 April 2021 (PRESS RELEASE)

RGI Acquires German Digital Solution Provider FLEXPERTO


29 March 2021 (NEWS)

Novum Cloud Platform got the ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certifications


22 March 2021 (PRESS RELEASE)

With the Help of Novum-RGI, die Bayerische Is Rushing Towards a Modern Multi-Line System with Seven-League Boots

09 February 2021 (PRESS RELEASE)

Novum-RGI and die Bayerische Bring Transformation Process to the Home Stretch on Schedule Despite Corona


12 January 2021 (PRESS RELEASE)

PKV Association assigns Novum-RGI with the implementation of the service for the transmission of statistical data of its member companies


21 December 2020 (NEWS)

RGI and Terre des Hommes together for Lebanon: learning must go on!


03 December 2020 (PRESS RELEASE)

Ostangler Insurances too rely on cloud solutions from Novum-RGI in their digitization process


18 November 2020 (NEWS)

Versicherungsforen Leipzig: Get to know UNIQA’s new, modern digital sales platform and the inventory management system Elementar of die Bayerische


03 November 2020 (NEWS)

Together with Novum-RGI, UNIQA presents digital sales platform for the international bancassurance business at MCC Congress


08 October 2020 (NEWS)

Novum-RGI presents innovative IT solutions for the insurance market in Düsseldorf and Leipzig in October


06 October 2020 (PRESS RELEASE)

RGI appoints Cécile André Leruste as Group CEO


01 October 2020 (PRESS RELEASE)

New tool enables legally compliant digital signature and document storage without media disruption


11 September 2020 (NEWS)

Development of strategic business models in the cloud


14 August 2020 (PRESS RELEASE)

UNIQA relies on cloud solution from Novum-RGI in developing a digital bancassurance platform for the Central and Eastern European market


11 August 2020 (NEWS)

Event series across Germany: Novum-RGI goes on tour with Expert Roundtable "Future Internet" starting August 18


05 August 2020 (PRESS RELEASE)

Novum Cloud Platform is the answer to the recent ECJ decision on the EU-US Privacy Shield about cloud computing in the insurance market


01 July 2020 (PRESS RELEASE)

New tool for virtual claim assessment as SaaS solution saves costs and time

09 June 2020 (NEWS)

Novum-RGI donates almost 20.700 Euro to the Corona Emergency Aid Fund of the German Red Cross


02 June 2020 (PRESS RELEASE)

SIGNAL IDUNA uses V'ger as a basis for expanding its travel insurance range to include alternative payment methods


09 April 2020 (NEWS)

Novum-RGI starts donation campaign to fight coronavirus


03 February 2020 (NEWS)

Achim Heidebrecht, CTO of Novum-RGI gives keynote speech at expert roundtable "Future Cloud 2020"


30 January 2020 (PRESS RELEASE)

RGI announces management transition


24 January 2020 (NEWS)

Insurance Group die Bayerische succeeds in first transformation step together with Novum-RGI


29 November 2019 (NEWS)

Ready for the next career move? Novum-RGI at the Online Career Day in Vienna


19 November 2019 (NEWS)

Future is today! From an existing system to an innovation platform

18 November 2019 (NEWS)

RGI at Insurance Summit – Il Sole 24 Ore


30 October 2019 (NEWS)

Novum Cloud Platform nominated for eco://award 2019 in the Cloud category


02 October 2019 (NEWS)

Innovation is the key to success - The Novum Cloud Platform


11 September 2019 (NEWS)

Novum-RGI presents innovation platform for the international insurance industry at the "Insurance Innovation Day" in Vienna

30 July 2019 (PRESS RELEASE)

DACH Solution provider Novum joins forces with RGI Group

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