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An ecosystem with strong partners for our customers!

The digital transformation in the insurance industry is in full swing. New technologies are constantly emerging, which insurers have to respond to in order to maintain their consistent, customer-centric focus. In order to offer our customers ideal support along the end-to-end process route in the future-proof expansion of their range of services, we are continuously expanding our ecosystem with suitable products and services. To this end, we offer a portfolio of solutions from the RGI Group and selected third-party solutions, which can be quickly and easily connected to the solutions in our
V'ger Suite. The interfaces for these are certified for perfect interaction with the V'ger Suite and the solutions can be used immediately by our customers.

The modular platform
for digital consulting journeys

Flexperto enables insurers to excite their advisors and customers alike. Thanks to the digital and media-independent journey, from making appointments, to consulting including sales enablement tools, to e-signature, they can bring the customer experience to the next level. And best of all, the solution is 100% compliant and whitelable.

Legally compliant eSignatures
and digital document storage

UNISMART is a cloud service, which offers insurers the possibility to provide their customers with contracts and documents securely, to have them signed digitally and absolutely legally compliant and, if required, to trigger a digital payment process.

Testing as a Service (TaaS)

QESTIT offers the complete range of Testing as a Service from a single source: both as part of our implementation projects and for systems and modules of the V'ger Suite that are already in production.

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Consistent verification of all damage claims

FRISS enables insurers to review claims in seconds, accelerate payouts on legitimate claims, reduce their loss ratio, and improve customer satisfaction. Claims are consistently screened to optimize referrals and detect fraud.

Virtual assessment of motor vehicle
and property damage

aestimo offers insurers the ability to easily and securely evaluate claims remotely via live video call without having to change their settlement processes.

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