Novum-RGI Partner Program with a technical focus


We are looking for software development partners with a focus on the insurance industry, in particular with a focus on financial services.

For further information and questions please contact Mr. Martin Engelhard.

Martin Engelhard


Nordostpark 51

D-90411 Nuremberg

Phone: +49 911 23990-130

V'ger Solution Partnership

  • Do you support customers in implementing on-premise and/or cloud projects for financial services and develop individual and/or standard software for your customers?

  • You are a FinTech company and do not want to take care of IT back processes, IT operational topics, certifications, IT security law and regulatory compliance requirements (e.g. § 203 StGB conformity of back end and operation)?

The V'ger Enterprise Edition is a generic framework focusing on contract management of any kind (insurance contracts, leasing, credit, reinsurance or other types of financial contracts).

The V'ger Enterprise Edition as
V'ger Sky cloud Service is the ideal development platform for

  • Your individual or standard software for your customers (Decide for yourself whether Novum-RGI will ensure operation for you or whether you want to adopt the operating model yourself),

  • Your FinTech or Innovation Lab project, because you no longer have to take care about setting up the backend and the associated IT operations, security and compliance issues.


Concentrate fully on the marketing and sales of your offer. Focus on user experience and user convenience. The integration of individual frontends to the backend is easy, fast, secure and compliant based on the V'ger Sky Enterprise Edition.


The V'ger Enterprise Edition is also the ideal development platform for on-premise software business models, especially if you develop software for customers who don't want to, can or may not go into the cloud.