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Insurance Group die Bayerische succeeds in first transformation step together with Novum-RGI


Nuremberg, 24 January 2020

"Die Bayerische" is now going live with the new digital policy management system for the first supplementary health insurance line. As a result of their joint project “Elementar,” “Die Bayerische” and Novum-RGI are implementing the new system which not only runs very smoothly, but is also carried out within time and budget. This lays the foundation for the integration of the next lines of business.

"Thereby, we reduce processing time by one third and can fulfil our customers' wishes almost in real time", Martin Gräfer, CEO of "Die Bayerische," is satisfied. "The application is generating enthusiasm among our employees and our test customers. My thanks to a great team."

Since 2018, "Die Bayerische" has been undergoing a transformation process. The aim of the "Elementar" project is not only to renew the complete policy management system for the administration of composite contracts by 2021, but also to develop it into a modern innovation platform. The cooperation of “Die Bayerische” and Novum-RGI is also open to third parties. The V'ger Enterprise Insurance Platform from Novum-RGI will be used as a strategic solution..

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