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Novum-RGI presents innovative IT solutions for the insurance market in Düsseldorf and Leipzig in October


Nuremberg, 08 October 2020

The current corona pandemic confronts the insurance industry with major challenges and also accelerates digitization. In order to master digital change successfully and to be prepared in the best possible way for the future, it is important to find the right mix of modern inventory management systems and innovative solutions in the cloud and to integrate them coherently into the overall strategy.


Not only since the Corona crisis and social distancing have cloud solutions become more and more attractive for the insurance market as well. Companies such as UNIQA, for example, are focusing on cloud solutions and a well-coordinated mix of standard software solutions and SaaS solutions from third-party providers to expand their international insurance business. Novum-RGI supports insurers in the implementation and develops innovative standard software solutions and unique cloud solutions for this purpose.

In October, we will present our solutions at both the 3rd conference "Cloud Use in Insurance Companies" of the Versicherungsforen Leipzig and the MCC congress "Innovative Inventory Management and Product Modelling" in Düsseldorf.

Trade visitors and online participants can experience the unique Novum Cloud Platform, Aestimo, the new smart SaaS solution for the virtual assessment of motor vehicle and property claims, as well as our new Cloud service UNISMART, which enables legally compliant signing and storing of contracts and documents regardless of location, on October 13 and 14 in Leipzig. In his presentation "Business Models in the Conflict between Digital Sovereignty and Hyperscaler Usage" on October 14, Achim Heidebrecht (CTO of Novum-RGI) will point out how geopolitical economic scenarios have an increasing influence on digital business models.

Together with "Die Bayerische," Novum-RGI will present the inventory management system "Elementar" at the MCC congress "Innovative Inventory Management and Product Modelling" in Düsseldorf on October 29 and 30, 2020. This system is currently developing into a modern innovation platform based on V'ger P&C, the modern standard software solution for the demanding property, liability & accident, and automobile insurance business. In his talk “Great idea … WE make it SIMPLE! – From the Inventory System to the Innovation Platform” on October 29, Carsten Tobien (Head of Composite Services, Die Bayerische) will address intelligent interface management and automatic claims processing amongst other things.

At both events, we look forward to interesting discussions at our booth, where we adhere to the highest hygiene standards, about modern inventory management systems, ecosystems, innovation, digitalization, and cloud computing in the insurance industry. If you are unable to attend in person or otherwise interested to attend the event online, you are of course welcome to contact us anytime for further information or to request an appointment for the presentation.

Further information on the 3rd conference "Cloud Use in Insurance Companies" can be found here.
Further information about the MCC congress "Innovative Inventory Management and Product Modelling" can be found

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