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PKV Association assigns Novum-RGI with the implementation of the service for the transmission of statistical data of its member companies


Nuremberg, 12 January 2021


The interest group of private health and long-term care insurers relies on modern solutions from Novum-RGI according to DevOps principles for the development of a modern specialized service for the exchange of statistical data with its member companies.

Together with Novum-RGI, the goal is to develop, a modern application that combines data transmission and verification within one efficient system and quickly enables all requests for statistical information to the member companies according to a uniform standard by the end of the first quarter. For the development, Novum-RGI relies on its modern tools according to DevOps principles (NDO).

"Novum-RGI has already provided us with its modern IT solutions in several projects. With the development of the new application, we can process all statistical inquiries to our member companies in the shortest possible time, not only uniformly, but also significantly faster," Stefan Reker, speaker of the PKV Association, is pleased to say.

"We are very very happy that the PKV Association trusts in Novum-RGI and our state-of-the-art solutions according to the latest development methods for the standardization and efficiency increase of its data exchange during the development of its new specialized service", Reinhard Hörburger, managing director of Novum-RGI's branch office in Cologne, welcomes the renewed cooperation with the PKV Association.

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